New Location!

My weight loss journey has a new location! Come on over to Not So Simple Weight Loss to get information on my weight loss journey and experience with gastric bypass, including before and after photos. Also visit my Facebook Page for updates.

Measuring My Food and Weighing in

I can only fit 1/4 cup of anything in my stomach at once. If I don’t measure, and I just eat or drink until I feel like I’m done, it’s often too late.

Six Weeks Post-Surgery Weigh-in

It’s amazing to me that I have been carrying around a 160 pound suit for so long. No wonder I got winded going up stairs!

One Month After Surgery

I have my appointment for 1 month after surgery scheduled for tomorrow. The doctor should approve me to advance my diet to more solid foods. I still have kind of low energy and I’m hoping eating normal food helps. It’s already one month after surgery! Within the first 3 days of the week I lost […]

3 Weeks After Weight Loss Surgery

It’s 3 weeks after the weight loss surgery. I weighed in today at 270. I lost 2 pounds this week. That feels awfully slow for eating so dang little. But it’s a consistent loss. I’m getting really tired of the “soft foods” but I don’t get approved to advance my diet until I see the […]

2 Weeks Post-op

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since the surgery. I’m still on a diet of “soft foods” but thank goodness I’m not on a liquid diet anymore! I’m still tender in the abdomen, but my incisions are healing really well. And no more gas pain. Yay!!! I get worn out easily and pretty […]

1 Week Post-op

Surgery was one week ago. It’s weird because I was wanting this surgery for so many years and now I already have it. It’s definitely been a week of recovery. I’ve been tender and sore and had a ridiculous amount of gas pain, but all of that is improving. I can only drink this much […]