1 Week Post-op

Surgery was one week ago. It’s weird because I was wanting this surgery for so many years and now I already have it. It’s definitely been a week of recovery. I’ve been tender and sore and had a ridiculous amount of gas pain, but all of that is improving.

I can only drink this much at a time.

water cup.JPG

The cup, not the bottle. The bottle is just there for scale. Technically my stomach “pouch” is now the size of two of those little cups but I’m just supposed to sip out of one of those cups every 15 minutes. I’m only on liquids and things like sugar-free pudding and popsicles now but at my 1 week post-op appointment tomorrow I should get approved to eat soft foods. Here’s hoping for scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes!

I weighed in today at 275, which is a 13 pound loss since surgery a week ago. I guess that’s what happens when you’re on a liquid diet.

I measured myself today. This is the total loss since I started measuring:

Bust 46 (down 2 inches)

Waist 46 (down 4 inches)

Hips 55 (down 1.5 inches)

Arm 17 (down .5 inches)

I also made some comparison photos. I can tell I’ve lost a little. But the pictures are kind of deceiving because some are zoomed in more than others.


before after face 1.jpg

1 week compare front.jpg

1 week compare side.jpg

Not much of a difference yet but my water weight is down and my ankles are back (yay!). My clothes feel looser and I can tell my double chin is starting to go down. It’s a good feeling.

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