3 Days After Surgery

Me in the hospital and me now. Hiding in the blankets recovering. I THINK it’s Thursday which means it’s 3 days after surgery. I came home yesterday. Surprisingly my incisions are sensitive but not that painful. Also surprisingly, i’m achy all over and the trapped air in my body is causing so much incredible pain it’s ridiculous. Luckily I’ve been able to get rid of some of it so that’s helped immensely. Apparently you get trapped gas because they inflate your abdomen? What???

I’ve been resting a lot and also up and walking around a bit. I sip little one ounce cups all day. I am allowed to have clear, non-citrus juices, sugar-free pudding, water, broth, creamy strained soups, and sugarfree Popsicles. I’m not hungry and if I drink 2 ounces at once I’m all of a sudden so full I feel like I’m gonna barf. I am 285 so I have lost three more pounds in about four days. 

I am still taking pain medication which makes me groggy so this is the first time I’ve been able to really type something up. And to be honest I’m just speaking it into my phone. Hubby is taking care of the kids and things are going well. I’ve gotten a ton of help from people with babysitting, rides for kids, meals, etc. it’s been a huge blessing! . 

Oh! I almost forgot! I got 5 incisions instead of four, because I had a hernia I didn’t know about and the surgeon fixed it. So that was lucky.

I think I’ll go downstairs now to eat one ounce of pudding, and then maybe take another nap. Crystal out. 

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