3 Weeks After Weight Loss Surgery

It’s 3 weeks after the weight loss surgery.

I weighed in today at 270. I lost 2 pounds this week. That feels awfully slow for eating so dang little. But it’s a consistent loss. I’m getting really tired of the “soft foods” but I don’t get approved to advance my diet until I see the doctor on March 7th. I guess I need to be more patient with the fact that my body (and my cut and stapled stomach and intestine) are healing and I have to give it time.

I was curious about how many calories I was eating and I figured out I’m probably only eating 1,000 calories every day.┬áNot a lot. I do feel surprisingly good for eating so little. I’m also surprised at how much I’m getting when I eat such tiny amounts. But I do eat 5 times a day plus 2 additional protein shakes. I guess when I eat more “normal” food I’ll probably be eating a more “normal” amount of calories. Or at least close to it.

One huge thing that happened this week, that you may already know about because I posted it on the Facebook page, is I dropped two sizes!

I realized my size 26 pants that used to fit were way baggy to the point of falling off. So I looked in a box in my closet and found some jeans that are size 22 and they fit perfectly! It feels really good to be seeing results for my efforts.

I worried that getting this surgery would be the easy way out.

That it would be cheating. That I was giving up and admitting defeat because I was so weak that I just couldn’t lose the weight on my own. Well that last part is true. I couldn’t do it on my own. I tried. But I’m definitely not weak, it’s not cheating, and it’s certainly not easy. I’m still working hard here. But now I have this additional tool to use to make it more possible. My cravings aren’t gone, but what I’m able to physically eat is greatly reduced so that is keeping me on track, even though sometimes those other foods are soooo tempting.

One really terrible thing is that I’ve realized that I simply can’t take those massive calcium supplements. The past 2 times I’ve attempted to take even one I ended up throwing up which was obviously not pleasant. Sorry about the TMI, but I figure if anyone is considering this surgery, they’ll want to know the reality of what it’s like. It’s worth it to buy the chewable vitamins online. I got chewable iron and a chewable multivitamin, now I’ll look into the calcium and waste those 300 (more than I thought it was!) pills.

All in all I’m still happy with the surgery.

I’m really tired and a bit sore still. I’m getting a little frustrated with that because I am so eager to back at 100%. I just keep reminding myself I had major surgery 3 weeks ago. I’ll get there. For now I just go to bed super early and get lots of rest at night. Other than that I can get around just fine and mostly do everything I need to. And I’m feeling better every day.

And here are some pictures of the pants I was wearing and the new old pants I found:

baggy pants 2
Baggy pants (excuse my dirty mirror)
baggy pants
baggy pants
smaller pants 2
pants that fit!
smaller pants
pants that fit!

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