Measuring My Food and Weighing in

This week I weighed in at 255. That’s 3 pounds lost this week.

That seems to be about my average. I’m feeling better all the time. Mostly. I feel pretty frustrated about the fact that I’m finding it harder to keep down my food. The other day I threw up after only taking my medicine with a little water. Maybe I just drank too much. I’m not being careful enough about how much I eat and drink at once. I can only fit 1/4 cup of anything in my stomach at once. If I don’t make sure I’m measuring my food (or at least estimating or visualizing how much it should be), and I just eat or drink until I feel like I’m done, it’s often too late. If I consume one tiny bite or sip more than that 1/4 cup I end up vomiting later. Usually I do OK though. I just need to get used to making sure I only eat or drink that 1/4 cup.¬†Oh, and I’m getting really tired of taking my vitamins. They taste so gross to me now that I shudder when I chew them. Blech.

We have some camping trips coming up and I can’t wait to go on a couple small hikes with the kids. I wish I was fit enough to go on the cool big hikes but I’m not yet. It’s ok though. I’ll be able to do them someday. But mostly I’m just excited about being in the great outdoors. Camping is hard work, but I love the nature and the stars and the campfire and checking out of technology and family time. It’s great.

I tried on my hiking pants and they ALLLLLLMOST fit me.

I can get them on and zipped but they are super tight. Like obscenely tight. So I’ll have to wait a little longer to wear those. Which is fine since I’m not going on any strenuous hikes yet.

I’m feeling more energetic too and my jeans are getting looser and looser.

I don’t really have any pants that fit well right now. They’re all either too big or too small. I guess that’ll be the way it is for a while. Another exciting thing is that my rings almost fit me. I can get them on, but if they are too tight I get claustrophobic. And they’re too tight. But I can finally get them on! I really miss wearing my wedding ring and my other ring Hubby bought me when I had our 4th kid. It makes me so sad not to be able to wear them because my fingers are just too fat. Ugh. But again, I’m getting closer!

All in all, I’m super grateful for this surgery.

I just don’t think I could have lost this weight on my own. And It feels really great to finally be making progress. I just need to get used to my new way of eating so I don’t make myself sick!

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