One Month After Surgery

I have my appointment for 1 month after surgery scheduled for tomorrow. The doctor should approve me to advance my diet to more solid foods. I still have kind of low energy and I’m hoping eating normal food helps.

It’s already one month after surgery!

Within the first 3 days of the week I lost 5 pounds so I think I’m overreacting when it comes to slow weight loss. I guess, as always, there will be ups and downs and stalls and plateaus and then sudden losses. Bodies are weird like that.

I’m sometimes having trouble getting the hang of my stomach being the size of an egg.

If I don’t constantly sip water I get REALLLLLLY thirsty and dehydrated and then I instinctively take a gulp of water and end up sorely regretting it. There have been so many times I’ve been *this close* to throwing up. Like, mouth watering, standing over the toilet, unable to talk, close to throwing up. Luckily I rarely have. And when I did it was because of those massive pills, which I’m no longer taking). I did find out that my multivitamin has more calcium than the pills I was taking so I’m good there.

I do have to take a lot of vitamins, which I really don’t mind.

Part of the surgery was removing a section of my intestine that’s primarily responsible for absorbing nutrients, vitamins, and calories. So I am not absorbing all the calories I eat, but I’m also not getting all my vitamins. So I take a chewable multivitamin with tons of calcium (yay for that!) four times a day. I also take a chewable that has both iron and vitamin C. They said to take that once a day but I take it twice because I am anemic. They told us to take a dissolvable B12 that is apparently absolutely essential, but I’m not exactly sure why. Then I decided to take Biotin to help prevent hair loss. I haven’t seemed to lose much (if any) hair yet. Between those vitamins and the medications I already take, plus the fact that I can’t take very much at once or drink much for that matter, I’m taking pills and chewables all day long. But it’s not a big deal. I already took medicine three times a day anyway.

This week I weighed in at 264 which is a 7 pound loss for this week.

That’s a 24 pound weight loss since the surgery and 55 pounds overall! I’m already noticing it’s a little easier to go up stairs and kneel down and simple things like that which have been kind of difficult for me.

I also measured myself this week.

Measurements (and total loss since I started measuring):

Bust: 46 in. (down 2 in.)

Waist: 45 1/2 in. (down 4 1/2 in.)

Hips: 54 in. (down 2 1/2 in.)

Arm: 16 1/2 in. (down 1 in.)

1 month compare.png

1 month front compare.png

1month side compare.png

I tried to make the photos as similar in size as possible to compare. I can see the most difference in the side photos and the face photos. The biggest difference was in how the swimsuit felt when I put it on. The bottoms are so loose they can barely stay up.

There’s still such a long way to go, but I’m on my way!

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