Six Weeks Post-Surgery Weigh-in

It’s now six weeks post-surgery and I weighed in today at 258.

That’s a six pound weight loss since last week, which is a ton. I tell you, I’m learning that if you don’t lose one week, you’ll definitely lose the next. Overall I’ve lost 30 pounds since the surgery six weeks ago and 61 pounds overall since my highest weight. And my BMI has gone down from 50 to 40. It feels really great.


I still have a long way to go.

I have 99 more pounds to lose. But hey, It’s less than the extra 160 I started out with. It’s amazing how much better I feel carrying 62 less pounds on my body. Even though I’m still carrying around a 99 pound suit everywhere I go, that 61 pound loss has definitely been an improvement. I go up the stairs more quickly. I can bend over more easily. And even though I look at my body and think, So much more to lose! I also think, I’m smaller! Yay! It’s amazing to me that I have been carrying around a 160 pound suit for so long. No wonder I got winded going up stairs!

It’s been a real learning curve to figure out what foods I can tolerate.

I have a really hard time digesting anything that I can’t chew up to baby food consistency. And by “hard time digesting” I mean that I vomit if what I eat is too fibrous. Or not chewed all the way. Or eaten too fast. I’m allowed to eat chicken, and if it’s super tender and I eat very slowly I do just fine. Once I accidentally ate pork instead, which I’m not allowed to have, ate a little too quickly and sorely regretted it.

It feels really good to be seeing results.

My new-old size 22 jeans are getting looser. My bra is getting too loose, which is super annoying. I’ve been wearing a sports bra instead most of the time. I should just buy a new one, but I’d hate to buy one and then have to turn around and buy another one  again soon. I probably will though. A properly fitting bra should be non-negotiable.

I’m still tired, but again, feeling better all the time.

I walked the girls to school once last week and I’m hoping to make it more of a habit from now on. We all loved it, so we definitely need to do it more often. On the way it’s downhill which helps us to get to school on time. But on the way back, it’s slow going for me pushing BB uphill in the stroller. But it’s not that far so it’s OK.

If you are working on weight loss or fitness right now, I’m curious, what are you doing? Are you trying to exercise more? Doing Zumba? Swimming? Eating less carbs? Counting calories? What’s your current method of getting healthy?

six weeks post-surgery weigh-in

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  1. Crystal I’m so proud of you!! Keep up the good work. I’m currently on Weight Watchers and I’ve almost completely cut out sugars. I’ve lost almost 23 lbs since this time last year.

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