My Number One Food Craving Since Weight Loss Surgery

Ever since the surgery I have been having this one food craving. Not for anything sweet or chocolatey or any of the stuff I normally crave. Not even Diet Dr. Pepper. (OK maybe a little).

food craving

The food I have been craving most out of anything else is meat. Especially Barbequed meat.

I never ever ever ever crave meat. I usually go days without eating much protein at all. I’m a total carb girl. But since I’ve been eating only soft foods, I guess my body was dying for more protein. Luckily I’m on solid foods now (but still no starches) and I was able to have barbecued chicken a couple of times. It was delicious.

craving meat

I have been feeling a little better and less sluggish.

I even went for a couple of walks this week. Next week I’m planning to walk the girls to school. I need to get out and get moving. It makes me feel so much better. As long as I don’t overdo it and exhaust myself like I did on Monday. But Friday’s walk was great. I’m feeling a little better every day. The doctor says that staying hydrated will help with that so I’ve increased my water to 100 ounces a day. It’s really hard. With a tiny stomach I have to sip water all day long.

This week I lost a couple of pounds, gained some, and then lost a little.

I ended the week at 264 which is exactly the same as last week. The doctor said to only weigh myself once a week but it’s hard. The fluctuations are fascinating to me. The doctor even said I should have my husband hide the scale so I don’t end up being OCD. Then he checked my chart and said, “You already ARE OCD! Yeah, only once a week.” So this week I’m going to try really hard not to weigh myself every day. But I’m not having Hubby hide the scale for me.

I’m so grateful to be feeling better and hope my energy keeps picking up.

We are planning a camping trip to Zion’s National Park in Utah next month and I really want to be able to go hiking. I’ll just keep eating meat and drinking water and getting enough rest so hopefully I’ll have the energy to keep walking and getting that little bit of exercise.

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