Two Months Post-Surgery Update With Before and After Photos

It’s now two months post-surgery so here are the deets.

I weighed in today at 251. That’s a 37 pound weight loss since the surgery and a 68 pound loss overall. Here are my current measurements and the 2 months post-surgery before and after photos:

two months post-surgery face

two Months Post-surgery Front
two Months Post-surgery side


Bust 45 (down 3 inches)

Waist 43 (down 7 inches)

Hips 53 (down 2.5 inches)

Arm 16 (down 1.5 inches)

My smaller (size 22) jeans are too big now so I’m squeezing myself into the only other jeans I have. A size 16 that are suuuuper stretchy, but still suuuuper tight on me. But at least they stay up instead of falling down every 5 seconds.

I told myself that if I could get down to 250 by the beginning of April, then I would be on track to losing enough weight to be able to safely register for that half marathon. My plan is to start a “Couch to 5K” training program in May when I weigh about 240 and then start a half marathon training plan in August when I weigh about 200 so that I can be ready for a half marathon in November. I might even get down (or close to) my goal weight of 159 by that time.

I often feel so overwhelmed with how far I still have to go.

(91 pounds still left to lose!) But then I think about how amazing it is that I’ve lost this much already. And I really can’t believe how much better I feel. I have more energy, am able to go up stairs so much more quickly and kneeling down doesn’t bother me like it used to.

This past weekend we went to Zion National Park in Utah and I went on a little tiny hike on the Weeping Rock Trail with the family. It was really tiny, only a half a mile round trip and it was downhill the whole quarter of a mile back. So it wasn’t a huge deal. But the trail was pretty steep on the way up and I did just fine with it. In fact, it gave me a hankering to do some bigger hikes. Unfortunately it started raining that night and didn’t show any sign of letting up all the next day so we left early and I didn’t get to try any of the moderate hikes Zion’s has to offer. But we’re already planning to go back. Maybe in November when I’ve trained for that half marathon and I’m in shape to do the really cool hikes like Angel’s Landing that are more strenuous, but provide those one-of-a-kind views.

I’m so excited to be getting in better shape.

But I had a sobering thought this week. No matter how much weight I lose, I’ll never look the same as I did when I was younger. It’s just not possible. I’m not only much older now, but I’ve also been carrying around 159 extra pounds so my skin will be very loose and saggy. Not to mention the fact that I’ve had 5 kids. But I’m really hoping that I can learn to love the body I have (which is really hard for me to do), even though it will never be the same again. This body has accomplished a lot of cool things, made a lot of cool people, and gone on a lot of cool adventures. And I’m hoping to be more fit and healthy than I’ve ever been, even with my older, saggier body, and be able to take it on a lot more cool adventures.

before and After Photos

3 thoughts on “Two Months Post-Surgery Update With Before and After Photos

  1. Bravo mama! I love what you said about loving yourself. I think we all struggle in this department sometimes. We are our own worst critics and often point out our faults before acknowledging our accomplishments! You’re challenging me to appreciate who I am for what I am inside and what I’m doing rather than how the mirror portrays me. (And you look great by the way!) 👏

  2. Loving your body is key here. I have struggled since puberty to love my body. I go between over eating to starving myself, not really understanding the damage I’ve done. I try really hard to not comment on weight around my daughter or looks. I want her to feel valued for who she is as a person not what her body looks like. For me it’s my ongoing personal struggle. Since moving back to California I haven’t skipped a meal but to not overeat is a challenge!

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