Weigh-in #1



As a starting point for my progress, this post will show where I want to be, and where I am now.

Where I want to be:

My goal is to be a healthy BMI. For me to be at the highest end of that “healthy” range, that would be 159# with a BMI of 24. In the pictures below I was 23 years old, had already had 2 kids and had gained 43 pounds with each pregnancy. But by exercising and eating less I was able to work most of it off.  It was really hard but I made it within about 15 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. In these pictures I’m 161 with a BMI of 25.



I looked fantastic, and honestly, if I got there again I would be thrilled.after1.jpg


It was so great to be able to go on fun adventures and do the things I loved to do without too much trouble.  I was in shape and running 5-6 miles 5 days a week at this point and it felt amazing!


Where I am now:

At my highest weight I was 319 at the doctor’s office in June. That’s a BMI of 50. I always weigh a bit more there because I have all my clothes on and in the middle of the day I’ve been drinking and eating. I usually weigh myself almost-naked first thing in the morning, so maybe I really only weighed 315. But I’m going to go with the official number instead of just making up some other number.

Since June, as I’ve been going through Kaiser’s Options program for weight loss surgery, I’ve lost 23 pounds so now I weigh 296 and my BMI is 47. Whew! I’m out of those 300’s! I went to see the surgeon a week ago and in his office I weighed 308. I’ve since gone on his “modified Atkins” diet and have lost a lot of water weight which is great because I was retaining a lot of water. I’m hoping to get down to 290. Like I said, I always weigh more at the office, and he told me to lose 10 pounds before surgery, so hopefully that will give me enough wiggle room to account for different scales and clothes and food and all that and he’ll still see that I lost enough weight before surgery. I have 3 1/2 weeks until the surgery so I should be able to do it while on this diet.

I also did some measurements today so I can compare them later and took pictures of me in my swim suit. I’m embarrassed to post them, but I’m doing it anyway because this is me. And I’m on a journey that I really want to be open about so that others might benefit the way I’ve benefited from other people’s stories and photos.



Weight: 296#

Bust: 48 in.

Waist: 48.5 in.

Hips: 57 in.

Thigh: 31.5 in.

Calf: 19.5 in.

Arm: 18 in.

Wrist: 7.5 in.




I’m so determined that this phase be only temporary. Quite frankly, I’m tired of stressing about my weight.  I just want to be healthy again.And I know I will be because I am working hard for it. I mean, gosh dangit, I want a Diet Dr. Pepper so bad right now! Instead I drank water and ate an apple.  Yay me!

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