Weigh-in #2 and Diet Woes

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Here is my weigh-in for this week.  Obviously my photos and measurements won’t have changed much so I’ll post those again the day before my surgery and then monthly after that. But I’ll post my weekly weight updates until then. Surgery is only 2 1/2 weeks away! Crazy! I’m so excited!

This morning I weigh 294 which is two pounds less than last week. I know losing two whole pounds is something to celebrate because losing any weight is just so harrrrrrrd! But it’s frustrating how very, very slow the process is. I know that 2 pounds a week is about right for a strict diet, and I guess it wouldn’t bother me to lose only two pounds in a week if it was easier. But as it is I’m busting my butt trying to stick to this stupid low carb diet and I still have so far to go!

The “modified Atkins diet” the doctor has me on right now is okaaaaay. But sometimes it’s just so hard to choke down another hard boiled egg or piece of chicken. I’m definitely a carb girl, so this is a very good thing for me to be doing even though it’s hard. I do have a lot more energy having so much more protein in my system, so there’s that. But I’ll be honest,  I slipped up a couple of times and felt terrible about that. So this week, no slip-ups. And maybe, just MAYBE I’ll be able to lose a little more than two pounds. If not, that’s OK. I’m still on track to meet my goal before surgery.

What about you? What diets do you find more tolerable than others? I’m partial to the calorie-counting ones myself because then you can still eat whatever you want within reason. But honestly, I don’t stick to those either so…yeah. Here we are.

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