Weigh-in #3 and Three Times Dieting is Especially Hard

Surprisingly, today I weighed in at 289. That’s 5 pounds I’ve lost since last week! Thank goodness, because I have been trying so hard to follow the surgeon’s instructions and sometimes it is really, really hard. Actually, it’s usually really hard.

It’s especially hard when:

You get tempted.

That friend’s birthday cake (of which I had 3 bites) was just too amazing! I felt bad for having 3 whole bites. But I’m also really proud of myself for only having 3 measly bites of that heavenly concoction!

You don’t want to eat any of this crap.

SO often I am just so so so hungry but I just cannot even choke down another protein bar or piece of broccoli. Maybe that’s why I lost 5 pounds this week: I hate eating now.

Healthy food is time-intensive.

Most healthy food needs to be made. You know, like from scratch. Like cooking meat and chopping vegetables and whatnot. And you can only gulp so many protein drinks in a day. Yesterday my oldest son said, “I hate it when you and dad are on a diet. We have no food to eat. All we have is GRAINSSSSSS! And then you guys are like, ‘we have food, just spend 30 minutes making a whole meal out of INGREDIENTSSSSSSSSS!'” The grain comment was hilarious, especially considering the 25 pound bag of rice sitting in our pantry at the moment, but definitely ironic since Hubby and I are not eating any grains or starches right now. We also have those protein shakes, son. Want one of those? I didn’t think so.

Dieting is obviously hard, but it’s been worth it,which keeps up my motivation. My biggest motivation of all though is the surgery coming up in a week and a half (!!!) and the no-starch diet is supposed to shrink my liver and make surgery easier and safer. I also need to have lost that 10 pounds, which I did (yay!) but I’m still worried about the loss not showing up when I put on jeans and shoes and stand on a scale in the doctor’s office.

I have an appointment on Tuesday with the surgeon and to pre-register at the hospital. It’s coming up quick, and I can’t wait! I’m sure it will be fine. I’ll just keep cooking that meat and chopping those vegetables in the meantime.


2 thoughts on “Weigh-in #3 and Three Times Dieting is Especially Hard

  1. Do I remember correctly that you’re with kaiser? I would love to know how you got the conversation started with your Dr.

    1. Honestly, they never said one word about the option at all. But I heard through the grapevine that they covered the surgery if your BMI was over 40 or 35 with other health problems. So I made an appointment to “discuss my weight” and flat out asked for surgery. The dr. Said no, she “didn’t like” surgery so I switched doctors and when I asked him he gave the the referral to the program right away. It was a long process after that, but at least it got the ball rolling.

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