Weigh-in #5 and NOW I’m Nervous About the Surgery

I wanted to do one more weigh-in right before surgery, and since I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 6 am, I’m doing it today. I weighed 288 this morning so I lost one more pound in the past 3 days. The measurements are pretty much the same, except that I lost an inch in a couple of places which is cool.

Today I have to be on a full liquid diet in preparation for surgery tomorrow. But luckily sugar-free pudding counts as a “full liquid” so I’m surviving so far. But it’s only noon.

I’m finally nervous for surgery. I’m still not really worried about anything going wrong during the procedure (maybe a little), but I’m worried about that surreal and fearful feeling I get after waking up from being knocked out. I hate it so much. I already know that I hate it because I’ve had it enough times to remember how awful it is. I used to faint all the time and it is not fun to come back from. It’s loud. You hear really loud banging in your ears and you have no idea what is happening and everyone around you is freaking out. ¬†Getting knocked out with anesthesia is a little better. I think it’s quieter and nurses don’t freak out. They calmly make you drink your nasty nausea medicine. So it’ll probably be OK.

As a friend so wisely suggested, I’m going to have Hubby give me a priesthood blessing tonight to help calm my nerves a little. Wish me luck!



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